Annotations by Kylie Warkentin. Recording: “bpNichol and Lionel Kearns at SGWU, 1968 (Tape 2 of 2),” found in “The SGWU Poetry Series” collection by SpokenWeb Montreal

Time Annotation Layer
0:53 - 0:60 [noise] for the low bull franchise to collect beat the the empty cartons [noise] = for the local franchise to collect the empty carton T_Layer
1:26 - 1:31 are maintaining jew human dignity do you think the proud see c._e._o.s = in maintaining human dignity do you think the proud seals T_Layer
3:42 - 3:46 wool plan worries found do his sir great surprise = wolf land where he found to his great surprise T_Layer
5:11 - 5:15 [laughter] [noise] it was rubble new shouldn't = it was revolution T_Layer
6:36 - 6:51 are puns stir or aren't new trips ours son drip are on trips ours been rot are runs spit art pit nurse are run sip art punt server or turn sip aren't chip runs our trips in ours burton = turnips are puns stir(?) are new trips are sun/son trip are un trips are spin rut are run spit are pit nurse are run sip are punt sir are turn sip are tip runs are turpsin are spurtin T_Layer
7:50 - 7:52 this there's next booms called a trial than me = this next one's called ""The Child in Me""" T_Layer
11:07 - 11:11 things in never said [noise] your philly or mouth = the things you never said you fill your mouth T_Layer
15:17 - 15:20 times to calm you made their witness to the truth = times to come you may bear witness to the truth T_Layer
15:38 - 15:41 that's the did depressing [laughter] = that's the difference T_Layer
16:48 - 16:51 this is christmas [noise] = but this is Christmas poem T_Layer
17:43 - 17:46 we will not carts hits a pace in your christmas = we will not participate in your Christmas T_Layer
18:04 - 18:08 teaching um the ton fours we can mean here's the city [noise] = teaching um at Simon Frasier University T_Layer
18:42 - 18:49 set ah [noise] flush i'm k. so snow method in a set the president and i also [noise] = set for example an FM set in the President's office T_Layer
0:00 Lionel Kearns in the middle of reading "The Parable of the Seventh Seal" S_Layer
6:17 BP Nichol reads "Historical Implications of Turnips" S_Layer
7:02 BP Nichol speaking S_Layer
7:13 BP Nichol reading "Cycle Number 22" S_Layer
7:49 BP Nichol speaking S_Layer
8:09 BP Nichol reading "The Child in Me" S_Layer
9:10 BP Nichol speaking S_Layer
9:48 BP Nichol reading "The New New Canadian Captain PoetryLlues" S_Layer
12:53 Lionel Kearns reading Split" S_Layer
14:07 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
14:40 Lionel Kearns reading "The Difference" S_Layer
15:40 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
16:51 Lionel Kearns reading "Christmas Poem" S_Layer
18:55 Lionel Kearns reading "University" S_Layer
19:24 Lionel Kearns reading "Economic Chronology" S_Layer
19:42 BP Nichol reading "Alimony, OldLaloney" S_Layer
26:25 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
26:43 Lionel Kearns reading "Ventilation Parable" S_Layer
31:19 Lionel Kearns reading "Creation" S_Layer
31:52 BP Nichol speaking S_Layer
32:00 Lionel Kearns reading S_Layer
32:21 BP Nichol speaking S_Layer
32:51 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
33:04 BP Nichol reading "Zero Phase" S_Layer
34:36 BP Nichol speaking S_Layer
34:58 BP Nichol reading "Returning" S_Layer
37:49 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
38:13 Lionel Kearns reading "It" S_Layer
38:45 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
39:55 Lionel Kearns reading "Ambergris, a Statement on Source" S_Layer
40:42 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
41:12 Lionel Kearns reading "Contra-Diction" S_Layer
41:40 Lionel Kearns reading "Both" S_Layer
42:07 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
43:07 Lionel Kearns reading "Friday at the Ex" S_Layer
43:34 Lionel Kearns reading "Prototypes" S_Layer
45:33 Lionel Kearns speaking S_Layer
45:42 Lionel Kearns reading "End Poem" S_Layer
46:05 BP Nichol reading S_Layer
0:00 Cuts between most poems N_Layer
17:17 Tape was recorded over - other voice plays over Kearns as a result N_Layer
24:15 Cut in tape, BP Nichol reads first line with (what sounds like) other recording overlayed N_Layer
31:52 Recording becomes inaudible as sound warps, cut in tape N_Layer
32:21 Tape rewinds to BP Nichol introducing poem at 31:52 N_Layer
0:53 - 0:60 laughter, mic feedback E_Layer
1:26 - 1:31 mic feedback E_Layer
3:42 - 3:46 mic feedback E_Layer
5:11 - 5:15 said very low and sounded dense on mic, mic feedback, laughing just before E_Layer
6:36 - 6:51 mic feedback, some fuzziness in recording E_Layer
7:50 - 7:52 said far away from mic, pages rustling, rushing sound E_Layer
11:07 - 11:11 rushing noise, page rustles, far away from mic, nothing too disturbing E_Layer
15:17 - 15:20 rushing, pages rustling, ""bear"" was said loudly so it shorted out mic and caused feedback (clipping?)" E_Layer
15:38 - 15:41 rushing, mic feedback, laughter towards end E_Layer
16:48 - 16:51 rushing, chair creaking, pages rustling E_Layer
17:43 - 17:46 other tape recorded over impacted transcription, rushing noise, pages rustling E_Layer
18:04 - 18:08 other tape recorded over impacted transcription, spoke softly, pages rustling, rushing noise E_Layer
18:42 - 18:49 other tape recorded over impacted transcription, spoke softly, pages rustling, rushing noise E_Layer

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