This project, creadted by Bethany Radcliff and Kylie Warkentin with AudiAnnotate, is an example asynchronous classroom lesson informed by AudiAnnotate’s “An Introduction to Annotating and Presenting Sensitive Audio Using AudiAnnotate” lesson, created by Bethany Radcliff and Kylie Warkentin. Students will work with the “‘Criminal Syndicalism’ Case, McComb, Mississippi (Side 1)” recording from the John Beecher Sound Recordings Collection at the University of Texas’s Harry Ransom Center throughout the course of the lesson.

To use this project as a lesson, students will navigate through this project page (starting with “1. Considering ‘Criminal Syndicalism’ Audio”) and complete all the activities. Before the lesson, instructors should be sure to read through the “Lesson Introduction and Overview” to ensure they have completed all necessary steps for students to use the lesson in their class.

For additional resources about using AudiAnnotate in the classroom and more broadly, visit our page, here.